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    Replace Sponges and Paper Towels

    - Each dishcloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels (saving money and reducing waste).

    - Absorbs 20x its weight.

    - Is far more hygienic than a sponge and won’t crumble or pill.

    - Is far sturdier than a paper towel and will not easily fall apart.

    - Air dries quickly, so it doesn’t breed bacteria or smell.

    Clean Household Surfaces

    - Perfect for household chores, from cleaning up spills to polishing.

    - Can be used with soap, spray, cleaners, or just water!

    - Cleans countertops, granite, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel and glass.

    - Effective for cleaning those nooks and crannies that might shred other cloths (grimy stove top, we're looking at you!)

    - Cleans virtually streak-free.

    Reduce Waste

    - 3,000 tons of paper towels end up in our country’s landfills every day.

    - Compostable and 100% biodegradable for zero waste.

    By Three Buebirds Sweedish Dishcloths

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